Wedding Trends 2015

Wedding Trends 2015

2015 Colour Trends

The theme for Pantone’s top colour picks for 2015 weddings are En Plein Air which in English means “in the open air.” Think gentle and soft muted hues. Aquamarine will be present everywhere next wedding season. This colour is cool and ethereal (and may even prove to be a stress reducer!). As an added added bonus, it’s an amazing way to cross off your something blue. Scuba Blue, playful and reminiscent of a tropical ocean; Lucite Green, cool and refreshing, yet light in tone; and Toasted Almond, representing warmth, are other colours that will be popular. Plus, look out for Glacier Gray, which works for him or her. This colour is unobtrusive, but contrasts and enhances, working with all the other hot 2015 swatches, slipping into the background and allowing other colours to be the stars.

2015 Flower Trends

x-2 2015’s wedding flowers will be very feminine, romantic and soft. A big trend, inspired by Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, is “romantic luxe”—think absolute luxurious florals, an abundance of flowers, grand and centre stage, not taken over by fillers such as stems and foliage. Expect to see a huge presence of hydrangeas, hyacinths and orchids in creamy pastels. Needless to say, this 2015 wedding trend will cost a pretty penny.

2015 Wedding Dress Trends

x-3 Next year’s wedding dresses will feature off-the-shoulder tops. This look is romantic and timeless. You will see variations from one-shoulder to draped sleeves on both sides, as seen on the Marchesa bridal runway. It makes for a very soft and bohemian look.

2015 Engagement Ring Trends

x-4 White gold or platinum just isn’t for everyone. Luckily, thanks to celebrity brides like Blake Lively and Lauren Conrad, yellow gold and rose gold are creeping their way back into engagement ring stores (and on the hands of more and more brides). These hues are just as special and may even look better on your skin tone, so if you’re looking for something a little different, don’t be so quick to rule them out.

2015 Food Trends

x-5 Rustic is still a big wedding trend that will continue and extend throughout the menu. We’re talking simple, plentiful and comfort food.

2015 Lighting Trends

x-6   Lighting has always been one of the most important factors for a gorgeous wedding since it has the power to enhance, create focus and set the mood for your night. 2015 brides, look to fairy lights, pin-spot lighting, brilliantly lit up initials or soft romantic twinkle lights to be right on trend.

2015 Cake Trends

x-7   When thinking about your 2015 wedding cake, go way back to basics and revisit classic cake designs. These are always tasteful and never out of style. But by all means, do not confuse traditional with old fashioned. Pure white cake not your cup of tea? Go for a subtle cream or ivory. White doesn’t have to be boring either, so if you have your mind set on a white cake with white details, do feel free to add some green foliage or flowers in a bolder colour to break it up a bit. Another wedding cake trend in 2015 will be to skip the elaborate dessert and sweet table and serve cake as your dessert. Do make sure you order enough for every single guest though!   Source:!f889d0124125b35140a407dba7b508bb

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