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Becki + Nick

The Bajau, the nomads of the sea

Traditionally, the Bajau resided in small boats, sailing day and night with the currents, counting only on their fishing gear to make a living. This is how they earned the title of the “sea gipsies”. Others used to live in hiding and many still live nowadays in the middle of nowhere, on floating villages built
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Magic under the moonlight

Two unattached souls by morning, joined together through matrimonial union by sundown.

Hanging by a moment

What time is it? When you’re sipping on your banana flip, feeling the ocean breeze on your skin while lying on your beach bed in Mauritius, questions like this certainly never cross your head. It’s a magical place of silence, relaxation and serenity that makes you feel so at peace with yourself and the world
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The Iconic Cap Malheureux Church

Preview of our latest wedding shoot. Image captured at Cap Malheureux Church. What made the small village of Cap Malheureux very popular is the church with its red roof. The village has no much attraction besides the wonderful scenery. From the beach of Cap Malheureux the visitors have a beautiful view on the ocean; you
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Get married in paradise

Get married in paradise Image shot at Dinarobin Hotel, Mauritius

Our lastest victims of a Trash The Dress wedding

10,000 facebook fans

Woooow..10000 likes on our facebook page! Thank you all for following us and our work and for being a part of our progress over the years.Your support and encouragement has been inspiring and motivating. The Backlight Team…

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