Featuring on Bride Inside

Featuring on Bride Inside

Trash the dress in Mauritius

One says also: “fearless bride” or “rock the frock”

What is a trash-the-dress shoot?

Quite simply, it belongs to the category of event photography. In this type of wedding photography dress is mostly destroyed, but it creates unique photos. But the wedding dress does not have to be completely ruined. In this entry I will tell you as my trash-the-dress shoot was Maurtius and show you my pictures. Our shooting took place one day after our wedding. This time was our photographer Billy of backlight Photography.

We met at about 14 pm and drove to one of the banyan trees, overlooking the sea. Among these trees there are in Mauritius some. There are impressive giant trees where roots hanging down. There we welcomed three street dogs. Two young dogs that no longer wanted to let us go. Here emerged a few pictures. These two stray dogs were very playful and wanted to ever put on my dress and train.

After this section we wanted to in this tree a few photos. So Followed by one of the young dogs, we went to this tree, made our pose during the dog on my train was trying to get our attention. Unfortunately, it was to make us so difficult as these photos bitch (It was a girl), my husband, very slightly, bit the hand and pulled at my dress and veil. After a couple of nice pictures were taken we still have in the not distant, Steg made a few pictures. Billy knew he had to use the wind and my veil to get so truly fantastic images. Because Billy lives in Mauritius, he knew exactly where we can go, so that we are undisturbed on the one hand, and on the other hand to get great shooting places.

He told us about a secret beach near Tamarin, who was was very small, but undisturbed and in a mad environment. We were immediately enthusiastic about this idea. So we got into the car and drove towards this beach. On a parking lot we stopped to go on foot to said beach.One can only reach him walk and on the way there we could give rise to great pictures. My dress was by then wet but far from broken. On the way we passed the black rocks and stones. These, admittedly somewhat slippery, rocks, we can create beautiful photos. 

Billy has us photographed in unguarded moments and tries to take us as a couple of consideration. could we finally arrived at the beach begin “right” trash-the-dress shoot that.We have in the sand, in the sea, on tree trunks, similar to stones and made photos also in the adjoining forest. When we inspired in the sea against a stone, saw Billy though the waves, but we do not. He just told us that we simply just to look. So he has a chance to respond given us of course, as we overran complete one of the shafts. It was so funny to us that even Billy did not come out of the laughter after some time. We worked great together, there were some positions and motives that I wanted shoot, some have emerged spontaneously and others came out as a statement of Billy, mostly out of the situation.

I can only recommend you as a shooting. must go Talk to your photographer as far as the trash-the-dress, not always everything has to be broken. We have taken us to change towels and clothing. I can not tell you how nice it was, the felt 30 kilos dress to finally take off again you. We had sand because you want to have no sand)

On the whole, we would do it again and again and again with Billy. Seek out one photographer whom you trust and whose style appeals to you. We had with Billy not matter much because we played as a couple and photographer well together from the beginning. 
Now you can you view the images in silence and think about whether you also want as a grandiose unique shooting. 

Source: http://bride-inside.com/index.php?post=79

Photographer:  Backlight Studios

Bride Strass: MY Bouquet – Julia Buschbacher

Wedding Dress: Pronovias Domingo – Pronuptia

Suit: Zara

Shooting location: Mauritius, Tamarin Beach

Hair & Make Up: bride herself

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