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We are in Ireland’s number 1 celebrity magazine :)

Amy (principal dancer of Chrysalis Dance and Cork City Ballet) and Seamus wedding photos (shot by our team) featured in last month’s RSVP – Ireland’s No 1 celebrity magazine! How nice..

Celebrating 30,000 facebook fans :)

Celebrating 30,000 fans on our facebook page! Thank you all for following us and our work and for being a part of our progress over the years.Your support and encouragement has been inspiring and motivating. The Backlight Team…

Preview of Leandra & Shane’s wedding shot on Valentine’s day

A sneak peak of Leandra & Shane’s wedding shot on Valentine’s day. What a beautiful it turned out to be. Crazy couple makes crazy pictures. We wish then all the best for the years to come

9 Photos You Should Take On Your Honeymoon

1, The “Sunset” Shot It doesn’t necessarily have to be a cheesy kissing pic with the sun setting behind you (although we wouldn’t judge you for that), but a nice couple shot will be something you’ll be glad you have postvacation. And even though it’s bright out, you should still use your flash to avoid
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What’s involved in becoming a portrait and wedding photographer

By Ricard Grainger For those who know me and the way I write, you will know I’m usually like a boxing kangaroo. Serious when I have my gloves on, but funny looking at the same time. I wanted to make this article a little more serious, to help those who are genuinely thinking about turning
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The Importance of Art in a Child’s Development

Have you ever seen a child smooth cool finger paint over a sheet of paper with both hands, pulling her fingertips through the paint to make squiggles? Or observed a child coloring in bountiful spirals with crayons? If yes, then you have seen the concentration on these children’s faces, and the joyful expressions of art
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The Iconic Cap Malheureux Church

Preview of our latest wedding shoot. Image captured at Cap Malheureux Church. What made the small village of Cap Malheureux very popular is the church with its red roof. The village has no much attraction besides the wonderful scenery. From the beach of Cap Malheureux the visitors have a beautiful view on the ocean; you
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Travel Photography Tips

As the cost of airfares and travel in general become more accessible to people around the world, many photographers now regularly have the opportunity to shoot in exotic locations. In this article we will look at a few tips and tricks that you can use to hopefully take your travel photography to the next level.
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10 Simple Steps to Getting the Perfect Wedding Cake

Step 1. Figure Out Your Style Your cake doesn’t have to be white and round. There are so many other choices. To nail down a design, look to your venue, the time of year and, of course, your personal sense of style. If it’s a springtime country-club wedding, you might go for a preppy striped
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Featuring on “Oh Darling Days Wedding Blog”

One of our weddings is featured on the ‘Oh Darling Days Website’ in South Africa We feel proud….:) Here is the link:

Give it up for the bride, Mrs Patel…

The beautiful bride Natacha Patel captured at Long beach hotel in Mauritius.